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Some time ago I bumped into my old friend from study time on the street. We hadn't seen each other in years. While we were chatting she asked which programming languages we use in our company. I explained that we use a bunch of different languages based on the needs of our customers.

Later after the encounter, I thought to myself I actually don't know all the languages we use at Wunderdog. Our culture manifest guides us toward independent decision making, open information sharing and experimenting. So I decided to experiment by asking our developers:

Viime vuonna syntyneen kiky-sopimuksen jälkimainingeissa kävimme yrityksessämme sisäistä keskustelua siitä, millä tavalla vaikutamme tehokkaimmin sekä yrityksemme että alan yleiseen kilpailukykyyn pitkällä aikavälillä. Keskustelujen pohjalta kiky-aikaa käytettiin mm. vapaaehtoistyöhön, itseopiskeluun ja urheiluun.

Koiran vuosi, toinen osa

January 01, 2018

Vilma, Wunderdogilla elokuusta 2017 lähtien

The Wundernut Story

January 01, 2018

It was November 2014. Wunderdog had only existed for a couple of months but was already growing rapidly.

The ”Tahdon” human rights campaign was going viral. Our COO Tsuikkis had an idea about us honoring some pioneers of the industry in our social media channels, and the campaign got him thinking we could possibly start with Alan Turing whose life could have been very different had he lived in modern-day Finland. The movie The Imitation Game concentrating on Turing was coming out in a few months and we decided to pay our respects to him then somehow.