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Den Gröna Lund

November 11, 2017

Vieraskynällä kirjoittaa Wunderdogin ohjelmistokehittäjän, Nikon, Wunderbae Aino Nurmi.

Take a chance - go abroad!

November 11, 2017

If you've ever wondered how work and life would be in another country, but haven't quite dared or got stuck procrastinating over all the questions and practicalities, I have three words for you: "YES YOU CAN!" Ask yourself if the decision is reversible and do you have the possibility to go back to your old life, in case you don't like your new life or some situation requires you to return. If the answer is a "yes" or even a "yes, but...", there really isn't a compelling reason not to go. If the thought of uprooting your life is frightening, you can set yourself a time limit - go for just half a year or a year.

Hoppsan Sverige!

October 10, 2017

They say time flies when you’re having fun - and we have had so much fun that we completely forgot to tell you that we’ve been operating in Sweden for over half a year already!

For us it’s always been about the people, and the most important thing is that we all enjoy being at work. This is why, when two of our developers expressed their interest to move to Sweden, we decided to join them on this exciting journey!

Women in Tech Forum

October 10, 2017

Women in Tech strives to promote women’s role in tech and to discuss how women could have a larger role in creating success stories and technology. Since the first Forum was held in 2013 the number of participants has grown tremendously, hosting some 1000 guests at Finlandia Hall this year. The stage was taken by several successful business people starting from Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman at the Board of Directors at Nokia and continuing with leaders such as Jessica Öberg, VP and Head of BA Industrial Products & Services at Saab and Elina Björklund, CEO at Reima, along with many more achieved business and organisation leaders within the tech industry.